This Ain't No Rodeo
Sweat, Blood
Pain, Glory
Ropes and Bulls
Some people think this is a Rodeo



This is Bull Riding!

Inside these covers you will find stories about one of the toughest individual sports there is -- bull riding -- and
those who participate.

This exciting sport pits the riding skills, ability to read and interpret the animal athlete's movements, strength and
sheer determination of the rider against the brute force, power and determination of a bull who doesn't want that
rider on his back.

As exciting as the sport is to watch, it is very dangerous. Riders can suffer injuries from pulled muscles up to
and including death. This is not a team sport and riders who aren't riding and winning; aren't making money.

When a rider is seriously hurt, the financial hardships can take an extreme toll on them and their family -- that's
where groups like the Rider Relief Fund come in.
They provide financial assistance to those involved in the sport when injuries prevent them from competing.
Seventy-five percent of all proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to the RRF so they can
continue to help those who need their help.

When Bull Riding is your life - the RRF is your lifeline.  
Authors appearing in
This Ain't No Rodeo

Shawn Sackman
Bud Rudesill
William Blake Vogel III
Gerri Leen
David Lee Summers
Terry Bramlett
Taylor West
Camille Alexa
Ann Wilkes
L. Mahayla Smith
MP Johnson
Ramona Thompson
Justin Stanchfield
Proceeds from sales of
This Ain't No Rodeo
donated to the
Rider Relief Fund
to assist injured bull riders

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