Dispassionate Lies
                               - Eileen Schuh
The year is 2035 and the world’s emerging from a devastating  economic collapse. Computer guru, Ladesque, finds her task of restoring the world’s internet capabilities,
dull until...

She’s approached by Paul, an attractive FBI agent intent on recruiting her to an ultra-secret project. There’s only one problem—the asexuality she was born with thirty-five
years ago, vanishes and she’s left struggling with the unfamiliar power of libido.

When everyone, from ungainly computer geek, Roach to handsome Paul, becomes appealing, Ladesque suspects the popular explanation for the female asexuality saddling
her generation is a lie. Her suspicions increase when an encoded diary and whispered rumours link the affliction to conspiracy and murder. However, uncovering facts  
proves difficult in an age where hackers have corrupted all digital records.

Putting her quest on hold, she joins Paul’s project where her uncertainties are quickly overshadowed by the explosive technology and high-tech challenges of her job. Then,
she receives her final assignment. She can either expose her mind to the potentially lethal quantum computer for the sake of the world or be forever a watched woman.

She, alone, must assess the risk—a risk that just might reveal the truth about her past.
What Others Have Said About
Dispassionate Lies

“This is a beautifully written novel with some complex themes. I found Dispassionate Lies to be a page-turner. Schuh is a fine writer and this is just another perfect
example of her craftsmanship with a pen (or laptop!)”

~Suzy Turner, best-selling author of
The Morgan Sisters series and The Raven saga

~ * ~

“An alternative world based on current facts by the author of sci-fi thriller Schrodinger's Cat and other novels; a satisfying and surprising ending to a story of intrigue, love
and lust, and a woman coming of age in a most satisfying way.. Give this book a chance—it will surprise, titillate, and fascinate you with current and futuristic scientific
facts and emerging sensations scattered throughout the pages of this sci-fi thriller.”

~Kenna McKinnon, author of
BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth and Spacehive

~ * ~

“Dispassionate lies is a brilliant lyrically gifted work that will keep you on edge from beginning to end. It follows the life of Ledesque a young and brilliant computer
operator working in crime prevention and internet security. She works with an agency that subcontracts with other agencies including the FBI and the Canadian
government; however, the book is only indirectly about her role as a computer worker. The book is about sexuality and governments and corporations attempts to
suppress/expand sexuality—hers in particular.

Ms. Schuh is a gifted writer. The book keeps you guessing and the twist at the end brought a smile to my face. Certainly worth the read.
We live in an age in which the deepest and most complex parts of what it means to be human will be explored. Her writing kidnaps the reader and compels them to read

~Joseph Cautilli, Ph.D, Co-author of the
Zombies vs. Robots Trilogy
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