The Demonsword Saga
                                   - Dan Devine
Paul has only known Jack Allister for a little over a week when two strange men show up at the inn looking for his friend. As he bravely seeks to warn Jack, Paul soon
finds himself caught up in a epic quest to stop the second coming of the evil god Arzak.

A month ago, Jack was nothing but a humble farm boy but he now finds himself chosen by the magical Demonsword Cartos to wield it in the coming war. Even worse,
Jack finds himself with uncertain allies; as the cult of wizards that brought him to the sword seek to control him, while some of the other chosen warriors will use their
Demonswords to betray him in an attempt to save themselves rather than the world in which they live.

With the forces of good in such disarray, the world seems doomed, until Paul is unexpectedly anointed as the spokesman for humanity’s patron god Paytr. The young boy
must grow up fast and put his fears and his uncertainty behind him as he fights with his friend against black magic on his way into the desolate domain of the dark god

In the end it is Paul, not the other heroes, who must face Arzak alone and use his faith and his god's magic to defeat him and save everything that he holds dear.
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