Den of Thieves
                                                                       - editor Carol Hightshoe
(Trade Paperback)
(Multiple eBook formats)

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Authors appearing in
Den of Thieves

Angel Blackwood, Benjamin Hill, Anthony D Farr, Kimberly Bea, Dana Villa-Smith, Natalie Vorare, Nathan Jarmusch, Paul R Davis, IW McLaren, Erfan Ajmi, Frank Montellano,
Tyler Omichinski, Carol Hightshoe, and Whitney Kitchur
What is a Thief?

Someone who takes something that belongs to someone else—easy enough. Or is it?

In Den of Thieves, you’ll meet different types of thieves.
Those who steal for money, those who steal for fun or challenge and some who steal with the best of intentions.  

Stealing dreams, memories, hearts, souls, an abandoned throne, and more.
You’ll find a very unique group here within this collection of stories from the Den of Quills Authors.
Proceeds from the sale of Den of Thieves will be donated to the World Literacy Foundation.

Amount donated to date: $225.53
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