Eileen Schuh lives in the remote northern boreal forests of Alberta, Canada.  Drawing inspiration from the wilderness, she
creates entire universes populated with fascinating characters doing intriguing things.  

Her interest in psychology dates back decades to her years as a psychiatric nurse.  Her penchant for pondering Quantum
Physics came later, when she needed something to contemplate while her hands were busy with the many repetitive and
boring tasks of motherhood.

Schuh recently retired from a life of careers that varied from nurse to journalist to editor to business woman.  She remains
active in her adopted community of St. Paul and basks in the love and loyalty of an entire flotilla of family and friends.  
There’s no doubt, however, that it’s her grandchildren who are now the centre of her universe.

Schrödinger’s Cat is her first published book and as such, is the realization of a childhood dream.
Eileen Schuh
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