The Gathering of the Gifts
                - Robert William Shmigelsky
When Adrianna, a famed sorceress and clairvoyant, dreams of her daring captain, who remains frozen in time, she inadvertently frees him.

This grants her “fair” city a savior whenever it is in need of one. But in a world where time-lines can be tossed aside so casually and true history kept hidden, what worth is
a dream compared to the actual real thing?

So she arranges his birth and upbringing inside a castle, knowing he’ll be her gallant captain until the end, when past and future finally collide and she has to give him up. Or
might she risk the ruin of the world by trading in seven godly gifts for one wish: selfishly weaving memory and dreams into real flesh instead of using them to stop the
impending return of CYAN DARKBANE.
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