- edited by Carol Hightshoe

The word conjures up images of jail cells, steel bars, guards, chain gangs, prison stripes and more.  

In this anthology seventeen authors tell tales of possible future incarceration methods:  
Genetic Engineering to create a new breed of prison guards.
Viral Engineering to create a medically induced coma that can be programmed for a specific length of time.
Prisoners who volunteer to be human Guinea Pigs to receive early releases – if they survive.  
A “Fun House” that helps people to move past their prejudices and pre-conceived ideas of others.

These and other forms of imprisonment are available for you to explore – from a safe distance – in these pages. Some are indictments of the system, with those who are
not-guilty punished for something they didn’t do. Some offer harsh punishments for what seems like only a minor infraction and others explore the human side of
imprisonment in unique ways. Join us – we promise you’ll be released at the end of each story.
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Authors appearing in

Rebecca McFarland Kyle, David Boop, Melodie Bolt, Dean Anthony Brink, Dawn M Sooy, A. L. Sirois, David B Riley, Lauren C Teffeau, Andrew M Seddon, Cheryl Toner, S. D. Matley,
Catrin Sian Rutland, Frank Montellano, Gerry Griffiths, Liam Hogan, Lyn Godfrey, and R. Joseph Maas