- Joy Jones
A world decimated by virus,
A crime lord’s daughter holds the key.
Can she discover it in time?

Meet the crime lord of the future—she’s five foot five, wears an evening gown, has computerized reflexes and carries a Glock. Her soldados defend her against
assassination or attacks by San Francisco homeless. But neither they nor the world of high tech Jaymes lives in can protect her from GEORG—a virus that thinks and
plans, or Adan Bernardo, the mysterious scientist behind it. When her corporate stronghold comes crashing down, she’s forced to make new and bizarre friends with
talents for manipulating technology to uncover her family skeletons and how they link to a terrible future. Unless, that is, Jaymes can unlock the secret she carries within
herself to fight back.

Her world depends on it.
Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!
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