The Last Sorcerer
                - Felicia Cash
Throughout the history of time, a war has raged between the forces of light and darkness.

As the millennia passed the blood lines thinned and powers waned. One year ago, the last great sorcerer disappeared in the process of killing the last of the Dark Dragons,
and now the world is in the hands of only the weakly magicked.

But can you ever really kill a dragon?      

Twila Aurelius and Morgan Stevens are two girls who are thrust into this time-honored struggle, pitted against the dark forces. With wit and friendship, and a little bit of
dumb luck, they set out to put the world right again, even if it means fighting off werewolves with no more than a stapler. Evil sorcerers aren’t the only threat, especially
when the girls learn more about their own histories and those of their families.

Can friendship overcome history?

Can two girls overcome evil?
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