Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!
Operation Annihilate
- Rob Jackson

Recon 9, formed by veteran Air Force pilots who’d escaped a Russian POW camp faces a world devastated by plague, a desultory world war, and a
widespread civic collapse. They have been warned that the camp commander and his second-in-command are tasked to carry out what is only
known as Operation A or Operation Alpha. They track the pair to Krakow where they dealt with the lieutenant but learned the commander has
escaped to Texas in the last flights out of Europe.

In Texas, the four surviving American members are joined by a former Texas Ranger, a Mexican smuggler, and an Irish/Dineh (Navajo) gunfighter
and have to follow the trail of bodies from the coast to west Texas, where they learn that west Texas put the wild in Wild West. Bandit gangs,
groups of homicidal maniacs, and military holdouts abound. While it’s known only by its code name, Operation A, it seems to be:
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