Red River Gothic
                                                 - editors Rebecca McFarland Kyle and Jim Reader
Everything's Scarier In Texas!

Imagine if you will …

A moldering plantation house, lost in the fog, Spanish moss hanging from every tree …
Mama Marie, crouched down almost to the ground, growling as the loa rides her …
Cousin Clem an' his kin, hid up in the Appalachians, and hungry … so very hungry …

Now forget all that imagining you just did. That's Southern Gothic, and we're talkin' Texas Gothic.
“Is there a difference?” you say.
“Hell yeah, there's a difference,” we reply.
Texas is where the South meets the West, so while some of the tropes of Southern Gothic apply, they're mixed with the myths,
legends, and feel of the West. And all of that filtered through the Eyes of Texas.
Gothic lit is dark and memorable scenery; a feeling of wonder, horror, and sights never seen before; big characters, complex
characters, melodramatic characters.
And things are never what they seem.

A ghost town, deep in the heart of oil country, where tourists and oil field crews just disappear among the wind, dust, and
tumbleweeds ...
Miss Margie, the small town's resident cat lady, whose mumbling and muttering brings misfortune, death, and worse ...
Out on the Llano Estacado, Val and his fellow cowboys find out the hard way cattle are expensive, and people are cheap …

Now you might be talkin' Texas Gothic.

We're looking for stories that go for the gut, where the horror is so much worse than the characters imagine, without devolving
into gorefests. (We aren't saying you can't flavor your slice of Texas storytelling with Grand Guignol, but never use eighteen
buckets of blood where one or two would do.)
We want stories that feel Texan without being branded on every page with enough Texana to choke a Stuckey's. If you aren't
Texan, you probably got some friends who are. Talk to them.

Remember, traditional Gothic lit evolved into pulp, and if you want to throw in a healthy dollop of pulp sensibilities, that won't
upset us.

WARNING – RED RIVER GOTHIC goes some scary places, and very bad things happen. The usual PG-13 rating for
WolfSinger Publications has been suspended with the publisher’s permission. This is rated D SLV for Suggestive dialogue, coarse
or crude language, sexual situations (no explicit on-screen sex), and violence. NO non-consensual sex, child, or animal abuse.

FORMAT:  Standard Manuscript Format, please. If you don’t know what that is, check out the link here: https://www.shunn.
net/format/story.html. 1000 – 7500 wds (query for stories shorter or longer). Reprints okay – but we will be accepting a limited
number as original is preferred. Send your submissions to: Put RED RIVER Submission, your story title
and last name in the subject line.

PAYMENT:  $5 per story and e-copy of the anthology

READING PERIOD:  July 1 – August 15

RELEASE DATE:  Late October 2018  

Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!
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