Supernatural Colorado
                      - edited by Dana Bell
Colorado the land of skiers and snowboarders. Or is it?

Hidden in its past are stories of a notorious pair of murderers who ended up without their heads. Whispers of dark eyed children who lure people away to unknown fates.
Of secrets buried in the Morrison formation unearthed by accident. Ancient gods who challenge and warn away invaders. Government caches for something other than
radioactive waste. And much, much more.

These eighteen tales are told both by local authors and those who have visited the state. Walk with them as they share their shivers of wonder, horror and otherworldly
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Authors appearing in
Supernatural Colorado:

David Boop, Lynn Donovan, Frank B Luke, Guy Anthony DeMarco, Carol Hightshoe, Quincy Allen, Kessie Carroll, Susan Macdonald, JA Campbell, Darla Upchurch,
Sam Knight, C John Arthur, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, Todd Nelson, R Jospeh Maas, Dana Bell, Pamela M Nihiser, and Peter J Wacks
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