The Security Officer's Training Series
                                         - Timothy Hightshoe
Basic Use of Force
This downloadable booklet cover basic issues involving the
use of force for security officers. The author discusses the
Use of Forcer Model as well as the different levels of force.
Emphasis is placed on using the minimal amount of force
necessary to control the situation.
Basic Tactical Baton
This booklet that covers basic usage of the baton or Asp (R).
Particular attention is paid to how the use of a baton relates to
the Use of Force Model as well as situations when you are
justified in using the baton.

Several photos and illustrations help to demonstrate the
proper handling of the baton.
Defense Sprays
This downloadable booklet covers basic usage of defense
sprays (OC). Once again particular attention is given to how
the use of OC relates to the Use of Force Model. Additional
section discuss first-aid and decontamination after OC has
been used.

Several photos and illustrations help to demonstrate the
techniques discussed in the booklet.
Handcuffing & Searching Techniques
A downloadable guide to handcuffing and searching
techniques - written for the Security Officer.
Basic Firearms Familiarization
A basic introduction to firearms, written for the layman who
wants to be able understand the principles of firearms usage.

Available in both print and electronic versions.
Personal Protection Equipment
This booklet covers various types of personal protection
equipment to help prevent the transmission of various
pathogens the security officer may come into contact with
during his duty shift. Also includes information on the more
common and dangerous diseases faced by those working in
the security field.

Additional section on the basics of fire extinguisher usage.

Available in print or electronic versions.
Timothy Hightshoe is one of the founders and senior instructors for the Defensive Handgun, Long gun Training
Association in Colorado. He teaches basic and advance firearms classes including tactical training. He is also a
CCW instructor. Most of the material in these books comes from Tim's personal training and experiences
working in the Security and Law Enforcement fields.

Lead instructor for DeHLTA in the Front Range area, Tim's training qualifications include:

Front Range International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) President // Safety Officer and Match Conduct
Instructor // Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (P.O.S.T.) Certified Handgun Instructor // USAF  
(Colorado Air National Guard) Combat Arms Instructor // Defensive Handgun, Long gun Training Association
(DeHLTA) Co-founder and Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun Instructor // Aurora Community College P.O.S.T. Handgun
At-Will Instructor // Graduated from Denny Chalker's (Command Master Chief, Ret., SEAL Team 6)
Executive Protection (knife/handgun) Training // Graduated Gun Sight Pistol/Carbine/Shotgun training //
Completed Matt Burkett's Practical Hand Gunning course. // Veteran of Desert Storm / Desert Shield / Noble
Eagle // Trained troops for Operations Just Cause / Enduring Freedom / Iraqi Freedom. // Security Forces
officer (Colorado Air National Guard)
Lesser Lethal Options
This book contains the same information included in our
downloadable books on: Use of Force, Basic Baton
Techniques, Defense Sprays and Handcuffing and Searching
techniques -- all a single location for ease of reference.

Available in print or electronic versions.
Security Officer Training
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