The Twelve
                     - James K Burk
Valtierra, a city-state, is governed by archetypes. Every two years they choose twelve men and women to wear the masks and to become the Wise Old Man, the Fool, the
Mother, the Harlot, the Warrior, and the rest of the council. But now Valtierra faces hunger, decay, and an enemy on their border and, when the need for leadership is
greatest, one mask is worn by a foreigner and one mask hides a traitor.
What Others Have Said About
The Twelve

THE TWELVE by James K. Burk, is well conceived and spare, and peopled with interesting human beings in non-standard but convincing cultures and circumstances.  His
story structure was new to me, but logical and effective.

The problems with which Commander Anton contends are fresh, and his efforts to deal with them convincing.  If you enjoy nitty-gritty medieval-style fantasy with features
you haven't encountered before, you'll appreciate James Burk's THE TWELVE.  You can quote me on that.

~ John Dalmas

~ * ~

"James K. Burk has crafted an inventive and richly imagined world populated with believable, appealing characters that evolve far beyond the archetypes they represent."

~ Julia Mandala author HOUSE OF DOORS

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