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Sample Anthology Contract - Editor


This agreement between ("Author") and WolfSinger Publications is for licensing of publishing rights covering the Anthology known as xxx. The editor warrants that s/he has legal authority to grant the rights explained below.

WolfSinger Publications has scheduled the anthology to be published in XXX.

The editor will receive a $50.00 advance payment. This amount will be split equally between co-editors. The listed amount is an advance against a share of fifty percent of royalties from sales of XXX received by WolfSinger Publications from all editions of the Anthology.

If the editor has also included one of their own stories in the Anthology - they will not receive an additional payment for the use of the Work. Also, the editor will not be included in the author count for author royalties.

Royalties will be earned based on the following:

For print books - royalties will be equal to 10% of the cover price.

For electronic books - royalties will be equal to 40% of the cover price.

XXX will begin to earn royalties after the title has earned back production costs (defined as advances paid / contracted work paid for: cover art / editing / typesetting - these items will be itemized on the royalty statement).

This contract shall remain in effect for 5 years from the royalty period of first publication of the Anthology. Books are taken out of print at the end of the royalty period in which the contract is set. (Books published in Jan-June will be taken out of print in June of the expiration year. Books published in July-Dec will be taken out of print in Dec of the expiration year.)

At the expiration of this contract WolfSinger Publications shall have the option to conclude an agreement with the Editor (and authors) for continued publications rights to the Work on terms to be mutually agreed upon. Should no such agreement be concluded within sixty (60) days of the expiration of this contract, all contracted rights to the Work automatically revert to the respective party(s).

Payments to editors will be made twice a year based on earnings received 1 January - 30 June and 1 July - 31 December. Statements and payments will be issued within ninety (90) days of the close of the statement period. As all payments are made through PayPal - payments will be made to authors once individual amounts exceed $5.00.

Contributor copies: Each contributor will receive one complimentary electronic copy of the Anthology as well as the ability to purchase print copies at a 50% discount off the cover price. Copies purchased at the author discount do not count toward royalty earnings.