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Don't Write What You Know;

Write What You Care About -- Passionately!

Time Capsules

- edited by Carol Hightshoe

List One

The items are wrapped up in several layers of tattered leather armor, tied together with leather straps.

1.        Five human fingers, of varying lengths and down to bone if enough time has passed, or covered in skins of shades from black to white, tied together with a knotted piece of string.

2.        A foot-long, gray-green, rough humanoid figure with no legs, made of what look like long gray noodles, two eyes made from bone and sewn in. A thicker cord defines the neck and twisted noodles form arms that drape down on each side. The fibrous material gives slightly, like a sponge, and is made of some sort of plant material.

3.        A small, thin, hard-bound book, titled The Prophet. A quick flip through the pages reveals sketches here and there among the written pages.

4.        A well-used wooden spoon. Crafted from a single piece of dark wood and well-used, the only decoration is a small five-petaled flower carved into the handle. There is also a hole near the end of the handle, for hanging the spoon from a hook.

5.        A set of twenty colored glass beads on a slim leather scrap. The beads are black, red and yellow and form a distinct, repeating pattern.

6.        A drawing of what looks like a bean and a grain of rice ‘standing’ next to each other, with the word Casamiento written in fancy calligraphy underneath.

7.        The leathers that the items above are wrapped in are covered in blood.

8.        A filthy but very expensive-looking circle of items tied together with a fine linen cord. The items include small clumps of white coral, pink coral, and silver.

9.        A short metal blade. The handle is intact, but the blade is broken near the handle.

10.    A small greyish rock, pear-shaped, tied around the middle with a piece of thin braided rope.

List Two

A wooden box, finely polished and carved with a pattern of triangles and stars. It is remarkably preserved for its apparent age.
Ten glass jars, stopped with corks coated in forest green wax, rest in a bed of forest green velvet.

Contents of the casket:

1)        the whiskers of a cat (set of 10)

2)        a woodpecker‛s skull

3)        lizard claws (set of 16)

4)        dragonfly wings (set of 4)

5)        one intact dandelion puff

6)        one acorn

7)        tiny, intact mushroom caps (3)

8)        hairs from a wild boar (at least 10)

9)        scales of a carp (at least 10)

10)      dried crab claws (2)

List Three

CedarMills Mall

Inside a Tin Box

1.        A framed dollar bill. Taped  to the back of the frame is another dollar bill.

2.        A bedazzled cell phone case.

3.        A bedazzled selfie stick.

4.        A Fly in an Ice Cube (i.e. the practical joke).

5.        A joy buzzer.

6.        Three coffee stirrers.

7.        A dog-eared copy of 100 Books to Read Before You Die.

8.        A pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs.

9.        A printed photo of an angry man giving the photographer the middle finger (using both hands). He is wearing a T-shirt that says “Hard Ass.”

10.        A rubber Halloween goblin mask.

List Four

1) Jar of pea-like micro-plastics  

2) An old cell phone

3) A medical mask (clean)

4) A DVD copy of Cabin In the Woods

5) A laminated photo of a family posing together (type and composition is up to the author)

6) Car Key

7) Black Lives Matter Sign

8) Rainbow Flag

9) A small kitchen rasp

10) Blue and Red Scarf

List Five

1.        A white fleece baby blanket with frog designs on it.

2.        Zoo map with the tiger enclosure circled.

3.        A picture, carefully sealed within a plastic container, of toy dinosaurs making Christmas cookies. A brachiosaur has a cookie cutter around his neck, the raptor is making prints in the rolled out dough, T-Rex is trying to stir the batter, the others are breaking eggs on the floor, tossing flour on each other, some are covered in icing and others tossing the sprinkles on the counter.  

4.        A cream colored plate with a pink rose, brown thorns and green leaves design around the edge wrapped in bubble wrap.

5.        A wooden container with colorful stones embedded in the lid.

6.        A stuffed green winged dragon with a yellow belly and a long red tongue.

7.        A hardback copy of the family history, wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed in a plastic bag to keep out moisture.

8.        A small statue of Bast in all her ebony glory with necklaces around her throat and gold ear rings.

9.        A small decorated doll house with furniture, people and animals. They again used bubble wrap to protect it and sealed a garbage bag around it.

10.        A Japanese Katana with a curved sharp blade incased in a blue sheath. Wrapped and protected against the elements, it was placed in a long white cardboard tube.