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Submission Status - Crunchy With Ketchup

Authors you can check on the status of your submission here.


My apologies for the length of time it can take - please remember WolfSinger Publications is a one woman operation and I do also have a day job.


If you do not see your submission on this list and it was sent prior to the update listed - please send an email.


Please note I may not respond to submissions that failed to follow the submission guidelines. While I may be a little forgiving on file format - I do not respond to queries - I ask for the completed manuscript in the guidelines.


Submission guidelines for Crunchy, With Ketchup can be found here.

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Story Title
Dragons on the Bayou
Family Reunion
Memories of Dragons Slain
Ophedities and the Dragon
Unmasking the Dragon
The Princess and the Sandwich
In the Belly of the Beast
A Found Dragonel
Dragon's Eye
Smoke Out
Water Dragons
There's Dragons in them thar Hills
Carrots Into Swords
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