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Spring: Dreams and Nightmares

- a Den of Quills Anthology


The season of rebirth and renewal
A time of hope and new beginnings

Or Is It?

Enter into the season of Spring with this collections of stories from the authors of the Den of Quills

Rebirth and Joy vie with Death and Sorrow as the emotions of Spring in these ten stories

This is the first in a four volume collection of Seasonal Anthologies from Den of Quills

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Goes out of Print June 2021


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Authors appearing in
Spring: Dreams & Nightmares

Kimberly Bea. Derek Stedman, Kasey Hill, Leanne Reames Moffitt-Broberg, Benjamin Hill, Frank Montellano, Christine McIntosh, Cheryl Toner,
Natalie Vorare and Max Xavier, and Anthony Farr

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