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Tales from the Fluffy Bunny

- edited by Carol Hightshoe


Welcome to the Fluffy Bunny

We welcome everyone - especially those with a story to tell. Adventurers, mercenaries, guardsmen, merchants, noble and peasant. Whoever. If you have a tale to share, then come in and have a seat. First drink and a hot meal are on the house.

What's a tale without an audience to appreciate it? So, even if you don't have a tale to share, come in, pull up a seat and enjoy these 17 tales of how a warrior or their weapon earned their name.

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Authors appearing in
Tales From the Fluffy Bunny

Robert Allen Lupton, Rainie Zenith, T.W. Kirchner, E. M. Eastick, Roberta Goli, Tony Daly, Allison Shepherd,

Andrew Jensen, Danielle Airola, Kevin Hopson, R. S. Pyne, Tammie Saiki, Thomas A. Miller, Sarah Dovi, Nyki Blatchley, Ryan Isaacs and Sara L. Uckelman

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