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PG-13 Rating


WolfSinger Publications requires that author submissions (especially for our anthologies) be at a PG-13 rating.

Since we’ve had several authors requesting information about what this rating construes, we’re providing these guidelines. As a general rule, when you are submitting, if you would be embarrassed to show your story to your grandmother, you might want to revise for WolfSinger.

Keep violence and gore appropriate to the situation. Keep the action moving.  

Used appropriately, swearing is the spice in a manuscript. Too much and it lessens the impact and reduces the descriptive quality.

Generally, keep explicit language to a minimum. WolfSinger has published stories with even the f-word included, but these are rare circumstances where the word fits the situation. Editors may choose to remove or replace swearing if the story’s otherwise good and the author is agreeable.

Circumstances may have your characters baring skin. Keep instances matter-of-fact and not related to erotica.

WolfSinger is NOT an erotica market. We do not include stalkerish, abusive, or sexually explicit material in our books or anthologies. Romance is fine, but leave the intimate details of the relationship to the reader’s imagination.   

For novel submissions - the rating may approach an R rating but again - everything must be important to the character and the story - we do not want to see something thrown into a story just because it seems interesting to do so.

Final decision regarding inclusion of any manuscript is at the discretion of editor(s) and the publisher.