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Delve into the mysterious and powerful world of blood in “Borne in the Blood”

This collection of enthralling stories explores the multifaceted essence of blood – as a symbol of life, a medium of magic, and a bond of kinship. From the chilling tale of a minstrel haunted by a spectral king to the whimsical account of a vampire ice cream vendor, each story weaves a unique narrative around the theme of blood. Encounter a woman whose body bizarrely intertwines with metallic elements, and follow a girl’s journey as she confronts her isolation due to her heritage. Feel chills as those who were wronged reach across the years to have their final revenge on the blood descendants of those who oppressed them.

Shifters, Vampires, Witches, and other ordinary and extraordinary folk – all bound together by that which they carry in their blood.

These tales will transport you through a spectrum of emotions, from the depths of fear to the heights of fantasy, as you unravel the mysteries and power that lie within the blood.

Proceeds from sales of Borne in the Blood will be donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation –


Featuring stories by: Charles M Saplak, Tim O’Neal, Rob Nisbet, Karen Keeley. Liam Hogan, Jean Martin, Sam Crain, Brian MacDonald, Lindsay Oliver, DJ Tyrer, Tim Newton Anderson, Mariah Southworth, Deby Fredericks, Michael Paige, Chris Horrell, Mike Murphy, Kay Hanifen, Joe Stout, Dana Bell, A.P. Sessler, Jamie Zaccaria, James Tallett, and Anka B. Troitsky

Borne in the Blood

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