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Olympus, Inc., is locked in battle with climate change!

Athena’s Secret Ops program steps in when bad boy and technological genius Hermes can’t come up with a carbon-curbing solution. Undercover agents Cleo Petra and Pan are deployed in the mortal world to vanquish the notorious East brothers, chthonic fossil fuel magnates who pass as human and eat humans, too…

Two-month-old Pablo, the one-quarter chthonic infant son of two fathers formerly known as P.B., employs his extraordinary abilities of adult speech and intellect in pursuit of climate justice!

Meanwhile, David Bernstein, whose hot romance with Cleo Petra meets a rocky end, recovers the memory of his century-old love affair with a beautiful Spanish nurse. He time travels to 1918 to find her and encounters love, loss, and the City of Mount Olympus—a dark and sinister place where every inhabitant lives in fear of volatile and destructive Zeus!

David’s birth father and Hera’s former fling, Saul Crispin, is outed as a mortal made immortal. Will Hera’s high crime of granting Saul eternal life land her before a jury of her peers for judgment?

And what of baby-crazy Queen of the Underworld, Persephone, pregnant at last but not by Hades?

Intrigue, espionage, crimes of passion, secret babies and looming existential threats—everywhere you look there’s a Crisis in Big-G City!

Crisis in Big-G City (ePub)

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$5.00Sale Price
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