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For over fifty years, fireworms have ravaged the city of Citadel Heights. Warriors and wizards have sought to find the answer to the attacks, but to little avail. Each raid has decimated the Chi’lan warriors, the elite guard of King Romarin, the son of Rhyn’athel, the warrior god.

Kalena, a young squire to Cahal, the King’s Champion, knows all too well the peril that the fireworms bring. As she watches her friends and fellow warriors die in the attacks, she knows something must be done. A tragic loss sends her on a quest with Romarin, himself, to find the source of the attacks and to perform daring rescue. But an ancient evil lurks in the fireworms lair that even the magic of Romarin may not be able to fight, and forces Kalena to face an enemy even more dangerous than the fireworms…



Trade Paperback - 176pgs

The King's Champion

SKU: 2008-01
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