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Ring of Fire
- edited by Dana Bell

Ring of Fire Cover.jpg

Enter the Ring of Fire, as unpredictable as the land masses shaking a city and volcanoes erupting covering the landscape. Could there be other reasons for these events? Or could these rings be more than a geological location.

They may be dragons playing tricks
or magic portals opened to mysterious realms
or sacrificing the best work of a lifetime.
Perhaps a rescue during a forest fire
or an attempt to raise the dead
or even while attending a high school reunion.
Journeys are taken to far off lands, another world, and through caves, each with their own unique twist.

Each tale presents a new idea on what the Ring of Fire could be. It is more than what many have been led to believe. Pull up a chair and warm yourself by our fires—just don’t let yourself get burned.


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Authors appearing in
Ring of Fire

Wayland Smith, DJ Tyrer, Danielle Airola, John A. McColley, Kevin Hopson, Robert Bagnall, Cheryl Toner, R. Joseph Maas,

J.B. Polk, Moira Richardson, Zary Fekete, Bruce H. Markuson, Todd Woodman, Sean Jones, Thomas Canfield,

Thomas Nicholson, Frank Sawielijew, Carol Hightshoe, Bronwyn Dauth, Holly Schofield, and Kat Heckenbach.

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