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Tails From the Front Lines 2
The Thin Blue Line

- edited by Carol Hightshoe


Recently the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado suffered the loss of one of it’s Deputies. Not a sworn peace officer, who essentially choose to put themselves in harm’s way to protect others, but one of its K9 officer’s – K9 Jinx.


We are seeking stories about K9s who are working alongside their partners to protect the community they both serve. It doesn’t matter if the human partner is currently on duty and the dog is a fellow officer serving with them, or if they are both retired and learning to live a less stress filled life. Stories can be about the transition from the field to retirement, the daily job, the change from being on duty to off duty when the K9 and their partner go home at the end of the day. Stories can explore the relationship between the partners and the impact when one is lost.


Stories can also explore the problems that retiring officers face when they seek to adopt the K9 they have lived and worked with for several years and the bureaucratic nightmares that sometimes happen. Maybe you want to explore the reasons why many states treat K9s as nothing more than disposable property and criminals have no reason to fear legal ramifications if they intentionally injure or kill a K9.


Narrators can be the officer, the K9, or some other interested third party.


Any time, any place from ancient civilizations to far in the future as well as fantasy realms are acceptable.

Break the story writing rules if you want. If you use a tried-and-true plot line, twist it in an original and interesting way.

Original stories are preferred. Query for reprints.


ALL writers are encouraged to submit. Doesn’t matter if you’re a pro with years of credits, a beginner just starting out or a teenager – please feel free to send the editor a story. In your cover email, please tell the editor a bit about yourself and a quick one-line synopsis of the story. Include genre. If experimental, please explain the type or how so the editor doesn’t edit out the form or reject it out of hand. Thank you.

In the Subject line please put: Submission: Tails 2, Title of your story, your last name.
Attach as a .rtf format. Send to:

Submissions open: Oct 15th and close: Mar 15th   (DO NOT SUBMIT PRIOR TO OCT 15th)

Release Date: May 15, 2023 – Peace Officer Memorial Day


Payment: $20.00 flat rate.

This is a charity anthology and proceeds from sales of Tails From the Front Lines 2 will be donated to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit in memory of K9 Jinx.

All genre’s will be considered with the exception of erotica


No multiple or simultaneous submissions.


Length 1000-7000 words. Will consider flash fiction if it’s well-written. Times New Roman 12. Standard manuscript formatting. Any manuscripts submitted incorrectly will be rejected.


PG-13 rating, please. This anthology should reflect positively on K9s and Law Enforcement in general. We are attempting to reach audiences of all ages. While some swearing is permitted, please keep invectives mild. No erotic or explicit sexual content.

Bios will be required if your story is accepted. Please write them in third person. Approximate length: 150 words.

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