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Submission Status - US/THEM


Authors you can check on the status of your submission here. Stories are listed by date received - the title's initials and the author's initials. (For example: a story received on 2/10/21 titled The Dragons of Winter by Carol Hightshoe would be listed under 2/10/21 as TDoW - CH)


My apologies for the length of time it can take - please remember WolfSinger Publications is a one woman operation and I do also have a day job.


If you do not see your submission on this list and it was sent prior to the update listed - please send an email.


Please note I may not respond to submissions that failed to follow the submission guidelines. While I may be a little forgiving on file format - I do not respond to queries - I ask for the completed manuscript in the guidelines.


Submission guidelines for Us/Them can be found here.

Last Updated:


Over 100 stories were received and reviewed.
31 stories were accepted
Thank You to all the authors who submitted.





Email Sent

Emails were sent to all authors on September 2, 2021.
If you did not receive an email - please contact me.