Eve - the first woman - some call her Pandora.  

Both the Christian and ancient Greek myths make her the reason man was plagued with the ills of the world.
Whether in convincing Adam to taste of the fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge
or in giving in to her curiosity and opening a forbidden box that contained all of the plagues.

Well, it’s time she had a chance to tell her story...

18 Authors will give us new insights into the reasons why Woman is the one blamed for the fall of Man.

So open these pages and let Eve, Lilith and Pandora tell you their stories...
Authors appearing in
All About Eve:

Therese Arkenberg
Katie Hartlove
Jess Richards
Matt Bille
Gerri Leen
Rob Rosen
Dana Bell
Phoebe Wray
Kevin James Miller
Megan Arkenberg
John Lance
Jennifer Flaten
Joe Harless
Cherie Reich
Andrea Slye
Alice Godwin
Kathryn Dohrmann
What others have said about - All About Eve
There is no biblical character who has inspired more from the imagination. "All About Eve" is a braintrust of many writers as they discuss the topic of the first
woman, and the mythos that has developed around the world. The origin of evil, the fall of man, and the many interpretations roll these stories into one book
making for a riveting read, hard to put down. "All About Eve" is a collection that simply shouldn't be missed.

- Midwest Book Reviews
All About Eve
                       - edited by Carol Hightshoe
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