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Submission Guidelines


We are open for book submissions from 1 Oct - 31 Dec each year

All material must be submitted as a .rtf document.

Please follow
standard manuscript formatting when submitting:

Manuscripts should be double-spaced.
Indicate scene breaks with # or another symbol - but please be consistent throughout.
Please use tabs or paragraph settings to indent the first line.

Make sure you include your contact information on the first page of the manuscript.

The body of your email should include the following information:

Contact information
Title of manuscript
Approximate word count
Brief Synopsis of the story
A general idea of how you will be marketing and promoting your book.

We are looking primarily for Science Fiction and Fantasy Novellas and Novels, but will consider other genres except children's and erotica. For YA - we prefer books that are geared for older teens that might also appeal to adult readers as well.

Our minimum word count is 25,000 and our preferred maximum word count is 80,000 words.
Please note 80,000 words is the preferred maximum - it is not a hard and fast limit.


Prefer stories to have a PG-13 rating - but this is not a hard requirement.

We will only be publishing a maximum of 10 print titles per year.

Submit the complete manuscript to
Please put 'WolfSinger Submission - "the title of your submission" - your last name' in the subject.

While we are primarily a royalty press, authors will receive an initial up front payment of $75.00 for books (contributors to anthologies will receive $15.00). Books and anthologies will start to earn royalties after initial production costs are earned back from all revenue received through book sales. 

Once a book earns back its production costs royalties will be calculated as 10% of the cover price for print books, 40% of the cover price for eBooks.


We also offer an addendum to the primary contract for audio rights. For author who accept this addendum there is an additional $25.00 advance and they will receive 5% of the cover as royalties for sales of audio books.

These payment amounts are effective for new contracts offered in 2022 - previously contracted books will remain at the contracted amounts.

Production costs are defined as:

Initial up front payments

Contracted work such as:
Cover Art
Typesetting (Limited to a maximum of $100 - anything over that will be absorbed by WolfSinger Publications)

These items will be listed and itemized on the first royalty statement.

Statements will be issued twice a year. Payment will be made only if an author's account has earned $5.00 for that royalty period. All payments will be made via PayPal. If you do not want to obtain and maintain a PayPal account so you can receive payments, please do not submit to us. We are making no other forms of payment or reimbursement at this time.

For anthologies, we welcome idea pitches from those putting an anthology together and will put out the call for submissions as well as post on the WolfSinger website. For anthologies, we also prefer to contract with the individual authors directly.

Charity Anthologies will pay a flat payment of $20.00 to authors and the designated charity will receive 75% of net revenues.

There is no earn-out on Charity Anthologies.

Our sample contracts can be viewed here:

Please note: I do not respond to queries - if you only send a partial or a query it may be deleted unread.

Frequent submission mistakes that can result in being rejected.

Stories shorter than the stated minimum of 25k words
Not putting any contact information or title in the manuscript
(for example - the first thing that appears when the file is opened is Chapter 1 or Prologue)
Funky formatting

I am more forgiving of the following failures to follow guidelines:
But, if I'm iffy on the story they will impact my decision

Single Spaced
Sent as something other than an .rtf file
Using underlines instead of italics

Couple of Notes on House Style
(for both anthology and novel submissions)

In dialogue numbers need to be spelled out - in very rare cases will numerals in dialogue not be edited to words.
Dialogue tags should follow the "dialogue," they said pattern rather than the "dialogue," said they.



If you are interested in being a cover artist - please send samples of your artwork to with COVER ART SAMPLES in the subject line.

Take a look at the books WolfSinger has published to get an idea of the styles we prefer to use.

WolfSinger Publications pays $50.00 for the rights to use the cover art in all formats the book is released in and in promotion of the book. Artist retains all other rights. Artists will also receive 1% of the cover price as royalties once the book earns back its production costs. (See section above for information on production costs)

When the artist is sent the book - they will also be given information on what the author is hoping to see for the cover art - the artist is not required to contact the author - but is welcome to do so if they wish additional clarifications.

Because final editing may still be being completed when the story is sent - page count may not be finalized. While wrap around covers are nice - they are not required. For the back cover artists can create something related or just remove the major elements from the front cover and send the background as the back cover.

Editor will add the title and author to the cover and the back cover copy, as well as the WolfSinger logos to the back cover and spine.