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Write What You Care About -- Passionately!


There are two sections to this status page: The upper section is for pending submissions. The lower section shows current projects.
If your book is under contract or part of a series that has had at least two of the books published - scroll down to the lower section.


Authors you can check on the status of your submission here. Stories pending review and acceptance are listed with the title initials and the author initials. (for example: TCoC - CH would be The Call of Chaos - Carol Hightshoe) Once a story is accepted and the author accepts the contract it will be moved to the lower section and be listed by the title. 

My apologies for the length of time it can take - please remember WolfSinger Publications is a one woman operation while I no longer have a day job, I am trying to make sure I take some time for me.

If you do not see your submission on this list and it was sent prior to the update listed - please send an email.

Please note I may not respond to submissions that failed to follow the submission guidelines.

While I may be a little forgiving on file format - I do not respond to queries - I ask for the completed manuscript in the guidelines.

If you have not received a email from me and your story was previously on this list and is now no longer listed - please send an email. I only leave the submissions that are still awaiting a final decision on this list. Once an acceptance or rejection email has been sent the submission will be deleted from this list.

Submission guidelines can be found

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Submissions Received and awaiting review:

G - JW



To check on the status of your anthology submission - click on the appropriate button below.


Books currently planned for 2024/2026 publication

Last Updated:


Books are listed here once contracts are returned and will be removed from the list once they are released.

This list is in no particular order.

2023 Releases

Winter Emergence - Dana Bell

Fires of Rapiveshta - Verna McKinnon

2024/25 Releases

On Camlann Field - Charles Kyffhausen

The Return of King Arthur - Charles Kyffhausen

Flatlanders - Mike Sherer

Infinity - Ted Pennella

Homefall Search - Dana Bell

Ttupak - Mark Thomas

Mars in Carnage -
William Paul Lazarus

Transplanted - Joy V Smith

Shadow City - David W. Landrum

The World of Moho - Tyree Campbell

The Grimhold Wolf - Deby Fredericks

2025/26 Releases

The Eighth Order - Deby Fredericks

Bluegrass Dreams Aren't for Free - Gerri Leen

Life Under the Pax - Mike Morgan

Wichita Thunder - Rob Jackson

Sheep's Wool - F. Lynn Godfriaux

The Bloodsworn Dragon - Ted Pennella

Song's of the Magister - Laura J Underwood

Roxy's Legacy - Lisa Timpf



Timeline notes:

Yes, it can take me a while to get books published and out. WolfSinger Publications is a one-woman operation.


Now, that I'm retired - I hope things get better - but again it is a one-woman operation and my hubby is adamant that I WILL take time off and not be tied to the computer all the time.

Please be patient with me.

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