Arcane Whispers - Volume 2
Some of the stories and poems appearing in the anthology include

From the February - April Issue

Grass Lion - Alex Glynn Latner
Renalto - Laura J. Underwood

From the May - July Issue

Assassin's Mark - JR Tomlin
The Last Hero of Wodling - CA Casey

From the August - October Issue

Soul Siblings - Lindsey Duncan
A Taxing Fixation - Marisol Dunham

From the November - January Issue

Lady Bones and the Missing Soul Broker - Abby Rustad
What Dread Words - James Leckey

Along with twelve other magical tales.
What other's have said about Arcane Whispers
Filled with all the richness fantasy has to offer,
Arcane Whispers truly does whisper of enchantment yet to be discovered.

Sheri L. McGathy, author of OMNIBUS
~:.*.:~ May the Magic always brighten your world ~:.*.:~
Don't Write What You Know;
Write What You Care About -- Passionately!
The Best of Sorcerous Signals

Arcane Whispers - Volume 2
is now out of print