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WolfSinger Publications

Don't Write What You Know;

Write What You Care About -- Passionately!


Founded in 2008 WolfSinger Publications is a micro-press publishing company that is also the parent for our on-line magazine The Lorelei Signal

In addition to the magazine, WolfSinger also publishes novels. Preferred genres are Science Fiction and Fantasy.

As a micro-press I do work on a limited budget.

Keep in mind WolfSinger Publications is a one-woman operation and as such wait times can be longer than anticipated. I have a full-time job / handle the editing and publishing for The Lorelei Signal / go to conventions to promote WolfSinger Books / have my own writing and a family - but I really, really do try to not let things get too far behind. Don't always succeed - but I do try.



WolfSinger print books are available through online retailers such as and Barnes &
WolfSinger ebooks are available from places like (Kindle), Apple (iPad), Kobo and Barnes &, and other ebook retailers.

WolfSinger Publications is still young and growing slowly I hope you will join us.

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