The City Under the Bridge
                     - Laura J. Underwood
When Anwyn Baldomyre stumbled upon Stonegorge, he was fascinated to find an entire city built under a bridge.  But the moment he stepped under its tall arches seeking
shelter for the night, he knew something was amiss. Stonegorge was being ravaged by the rising river that threatened to wash its foundations away, as well as a frightening
creature the locals call The Water Lady, a creature who drowns men on dry land.

Soon, the river will tear out the foundations of the bridge if nothing is done. So Anwyn embarks on solving the mystery of the Water Lady and seeing what he can do to
help the folk who live at the base of the bridge known as The Depths. But there are those who would just as soon the Harper Mage not learn the truth, for that would spoil
their plans to run those who dwell in The Depths from their homes and put the wealth of Stonegorge into their own pockets.

But silver eyes and a golden voice and magic songs may not be enough to save The City Under the Bridge unless Anwyn can solve the riddles buried in Stonegorge itself.
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What Others Have Said About
The City Under the Bridge

Like her creation Anwyn Baldomyre Laura J Underwood is a bard of major skill. With the first words of
“The City under the Bridge” she draws readers into a world of high adventure and daring that they won’t
want to leave until the tale is told.

--- Bradley H. Sinor author of Echoes From the Darkness and In The Shadows.


Anwyn Baldmyre is a likable guy haunted by the voice of a nagging, judgmental harp in his head, Glynnanis -
the harp- wants the young, careful mage to use his magic more and to strive to reach his full potential. There
is a dynamic between the two that's fun to watch unfold as the pair battle corrupt politicos and murderous
water ladies as they do battle in the City Under the Bridge.

--- Selina Rosen author Sword Masters


"Laura Underwood spins another delightful story, action-packed and filled
with magic, well-written and elegantly told.  Recommended!"

--- Robin Wayne Bailey


In Laura J. Underwood’s The City Under the Bridge, mage-born harper, Anwyn Baldomyre and his harp,
Glynnanis, face a foe which can drown a man on dry land.  A dangerous creature lurks in the depths of the
river and it is Baldomyre’s task to find what or who has cursed the people who live in the city under the
bridge.  An exciting new story that will be sure to please readers of fantasy everywhere.

--- MH Bonham, award-winning author of
Lachlei, Prophecy of Swords, Runestone of Teiwas,  The King’s Champion and Serpent Singer


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