What happens when dragons are dropped unexpectedly on your front door step from a company you’ve never heard of?
In China, a dragon comes up with a unique solution on what to do with all those maidens!
An amusement park is hounded by a sea monster the Indians had been feeding for centuries.
Haunted by a ghostly dragon, a young woman flees across the snow wilderness, terrified her slaughter of the beasts means her own death.
A family is murdered in the Middle East, and a dragon promises a young girl vengeance for their deaths.

Are there dragons on a spaceship? You bet! Not to mention an usual dragon ride one pilot will never forget!
And let’s not forget, how dragons can appear to be something they’re not, when protecting themselves or their family, from hidden magical dangers.

These and other tales await within these pages of Different Dragons II.
Different Dragons II
                     - edited by Dana Bell
Authors appearing in
Different Dragons II

David Lee Summers, Lynn Donovan, Quincy J. Allen, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, G.L. Francis, Therese Arkenberg, Dave Withe, Rebecca Leo, David Turnbull, H.A. Titus, Kathryn S. Renta,
Rob S. Rice, Christine Hardy, and Bryan Thomas Schmidt
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Write What You Care About -- Passionately!

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