Winter: Ruin & Renewal
                    - a Den of Quills Anthology

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer so do our feelings of dread. The temperature drops, and we shiver with anticipation of nights in front of the fireplace
while outside the Earth sleeps and hunger stalks the land. A blanket of snow and ice covers the world like a shroud. Safe and warm, we sip our hot cider and listen to the
wolves howl their baleful song. Winter is a time of ruin and desperation.

However, even as Winter's icy grip tightens, there is hope. Snowball fights and winter celebrations will make even the meanest among us smile. With the arrival of the
Solstice, the days begin to grow longer and the nights shorter. The sun begins its slow return and starts to push back the night--bringing the promise of rebirth and renewal
with it.

But, beware, for while winter will eventually pass into Spring, it never passes quietly and ruin is always close at hand. So grab a warm drink, huddle underneath a blanket,
and enjoy this selection of winter tales from the Den of Quills.

This is the fourth in a four volume collection of Seasonal Anthologies from Den of Quills.
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Authors appearing in
Winter: Ruin & Renewal

Anthony D Farr, Benjamin Hill, Frank Montellano, Kelley Thibodeau, Cheryl Toner, Carol Hightshoe, LR Broberg-Moffitt, Natalie Vorare, Max Xavier