Lost Trails:
Forgotten Tales of the Weird West
                                                      - editor Cynthia Ward

Ah, the "Western frontier"! I learned all about it as a child. I learned it was full of brave white American pioneer men killing the native inhabitants,
who didn't realize the land they'd occupied for millennia belonged to the newcomers. I learned it was full of heroic white American gunmen shooting
each other in high noon standoffs. Those few characters who didn't fit the above roles were generally helpless Mexican peasants; treacherous
Mexican bandits; or the occasional rancher's wife, school marm, or prostitute.

Omitted from the history lessons and the movies and TV shows were -- the whole wide world.

Well pull up a seat next to the fire and we'll tell you those stories -- follow the Lost Trails of the those who were omitted as they tell us their stories
of the Weird West.
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Authors appearing in
Lost Trails

Kathleen Alcalá, Steve Berman, Vivian Caethe, J. Comer, Scott Cupp, Milton Davis, Ed Erdelac, Gemma Files, Rudy Ch. Garcia, Carol Hightshoe, Ernest Hogan, Nicole
Kornher-Stace, Naomi Kritzer, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Rebecca McFarland Kyle, Ken Liu, Carole McDonnell, Misha Nogha, Cynthia Ward, Don Webb, Connie Wilkins, and
Beth Wodzinski
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