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Blind Eye
- F. Lynn Godfriaux

Mattie  Lamont Tyler loses both parents in an apparent car accident, then finds  herself estranged from her only sibling when her sister Angela elopes  with a new boyfriend. But Mattie, a photojournalist with (ironically) a  phobia of guns and violence, is blind to dangers around her until Angela  ends up on the critical list in an ICU six hundred miles from home and  Mattie's husband, a Southern Ute who appears to be a quiet, unassuming  weather forecaster, stops answering his cell.

Before  she can figure out what's going on, Mattie is kidnapped by Hawk, a  ruthless stranger with accusations Mattie does not understand. Her own  survival and the lives of her loved ones depend on whether Mattie can  see beyond her "blind eye" into unknown inner strength.

From  the plains of Oklahoma to the mountains of Southwest Colorado, Blind  Eye sweeps the reader into a frantic race against greed, lies, and  pre-meditated murder.


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George  Digby Lamont blinked but his vision wouldn’t clear. Butterflies filled  his chest, fluttering around his heart with uncomfortable heaviness. He  glanced at his wife, Ginnie, who seemed lost in thought as she gazed out  the passenger window of their Land Rover.

Should he say anything? Pull over? Find an emergency facility?

He  returned his attention to the two-lane highway and blinked several  times in an effort to clear the blur in front of him. Flat, empty, brown  Kansas prairie spread under an expansive Kansas blue sky. The January  midday sun held no warmth. He rubbed the front of his thick plaid  long-sleeved shirt as the discomfort in his chest increased. Sweat  beaded his forehead and he fumbled with the collar buttons to ease the  sudden constriction around his throat. He didn’t understand what was  wrong. He’d felt fine this morning when they started their trip to visit  their daughter Mattie in Colorado. And though in his sixties, he’d  never had heart-related problems.

He  heard Ginnie moan and snapped his head in her direction. Her color  looked awful. His eyes widened with alarm as she slumped over.

“Ginnie!”  He tried to yell, but his voice barely made it beyond his lips. The  sudden blast of a truck horn jerked his attention to the two-lane  highway and he squinted, frantically trying to clear his worsening  vision. Rubber bands wrapped tighter and tighter around his chest until  he couldn’t breathe. He caught a whiff of the sweet pickles he and his  wife had been eating, felt his head begin to spin, heard again the  thunderous, deafening blare of a truck horn.

Screeching  tires, exploding glass, and impacting steel ripped the afternoon air as  the oncoming eighteen-wheeler slammed head-on into the careening Land  Rover.

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