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Write What You Care About -- Passionately!

Chaos Embraced
- Carol Hightshoe

Book Two: Chaos Reigns Saga

Trapped  in a place where they are constantly faced with new opponents and  challenges, Kyrianna and her friends, will also have to face the Goddess  Thynitic and her Chosen Torliana.

Kyrianna finds Thynitic whispering in her mind, calling her deeper into  the chaos. In order to save her friends from the evil goddess, will she  finally Embrace the Chaos and accept her place as a Daughter of Chaos or  will she succeed in renouncing Thynitic forever? And if she does, what  will the cost be?


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Chapter One

Myrith  waited by the door to the basement, her impatience showing as she  gripped and released the hilt of her sword. Kyrianna had gone down  several minutes ago to face the shrine of Thynitic alone. She had  promised to give her friend ten minutes, before going after her, but was  worried even that would be enough time for the Lady of Chaos to exert  her influence over the girl. She had seen Kyrianna’s reactions to  Thynitic’s symbol several times and each time it appeared they were  getting stronger. It had taken both her and Tristan to drag Kyrianna out  of the shrine several days ago when she had been mesmerized by the  symbol above the altar.

“She’s had long enough,” Myrith said, reaching for the door. “Tristan, come with me.”

“What’s wrong?” Kyrianna asked stepping through the door.

“We  were coming to get you.” Myrith watched her friend closely. Previously,  she had picked up a sense of some evil power having touched Kyrianna’s  soul. Now, that taint was gone.

“Thank you,” Kyrianna said. “However, my business is concluded. It is time we left this place.”

Myrith  nodded and placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “That it is,” she  said. Yes, the power she had sensed was gone. Perhaps their initial  fears about Thynitic could be forgotten.

“We  will need to return to Duvshire so I can pay you what was promised as  well as to clear up the matter involving Myrith,” Tristan said.

“I  suggest nothing be said regarding the ledgers or the nature of what we  found here,” Kyrianna said. “Don’t put the mayor or his son in a  position where they may believe they must take action to protect their  own interests.” She smiled at Tristan. “At least not until you’re  ready.”

“I agree that would be for the best,” Tristan said, returning the smile.

“We  should get going,” Myrith said, turning to the group. “There is no way  to know if that assassin is still tracking Tristan or not.” Her gaze  lingered on Tristan for a moment then shifted to Kyrianna who had gone  pale.

“What’s wrong?” Myrith asked.

“I had forgotten about him.”

“You  said something in the maze about being tired of assassins in this world  trying to kill you, no matter what form took,” Myrith said.

“What?” Tristan stared at Kyrianna. “Were you attacked also? Why?”

“I  was going to see if Tyril had the power to send me home or at least  suggest someone I could talk to. I was attacked in the woods. He used a  poisoned blade.” She glanced at Myrith then dropped her head. “It was  Elvioril who fought him off.”

“What!”  Myrith grabbed Kyrianna’s chin and forced her head up. “Elvioril  rescued you from an assassin and you didn’t interfere when we fought.”  She jerked her hand away from the girl’s face. “If you had said  something, that fight might not have happened. I thought he was chasing  you with the intent of hurting you. Then when he wouldn’t respond to me,  only kept charging and yelling his insults and challenges.” Myrith took  a step back and shook her head. “Kyri, why?”

“He  was a midnight elf and a follower of Thynitic, I didn’t trust him. You  gave him an opportunity to stop and he charged and attacked you; you  were defending yourself.”

“Why would this assassin attack you?” Tristan stepped between Myrith and Kyrianna.

“From  what I learned; true elves on this world have a strong hatred of those  with mixed blood—to the point of killing them as well as their  families,” Kyrianna said.

“You said nothing about this,” Tristan said.

“I had other things to worry about at the time,” Kyrianna whispered.

Myrith slammed the door to the basement shut then headed for the main doors. “Let’s get moving.”

~ * ~

“Myrith,  do you want to press on or make camp?” Kyrianna paused and looked up at  the darkening sky. “It’s only a few more hours to town, but it will be  full dark soon.”

“I  would prefer to get back to town as soon as possible,” Myrith said. She  turned and looked back at the others. “And the rest of you?”

“I agree.”

“Press on.”

“A real bed.”

Myrith shook her head and grinned at the last remark, which had come from Hendandra.

“Unfortunately,  while I agree with pressing on,” Tristan said, “I believe we should  wait until morning to actually enter Duvshire.”

“We can camp just outside the town,” Myrith said.

“Sorry,  Hendandra,” Tristan said. “However, if you stay another night in the  town, I will pay for the finest room, in whatever passes for an inn at  this time, for you for the night.”


~ * ~

Kyrianna  led the group to a small clearing just outside Duvshire and Myrith  watched as she carefully checked the tracks in and out of the area  before deciding it was suitable for a camp. She remembered the doubts  she had about this girl when she first joined their group. While she  still did not know very much about Kyrianna’s background, she had come  to trust the girl during these last few days.

She  glanced around at the rest of the group and frowned at the look she saw  on Laraf’s face as he watched the girl. There was a longing there. A  longing she doubted Kyrianna was willing to return.

“We  still need to set watches,” Myrith said as several people started  unrolling their bedrolls. They were tired, she knew; she and Kyrianna  had pushed them pretty far this day in order to reach this spot.

“I’ll take first,” Kyrianna said immediately.

Myrith glanced at Laraf.

“I’ll stand watch with Kyrianna,” Tristan said before anyone else could say anything.

“Very  well,” Myrith said. She turned away from Laraf to see Tristan watching  him also. “How long do you estimate before dawn, Rangerette?”

Kyrianna glanced up at the sky then inhaled deeply. “About six hours,” she said, looking at Tristan who nodded.

Myrith  looked at the others and shook her head. “Can you handle three hours on  your watch? You can wake me and Laraf when you are done.”

Tristan shrugged then nodded as he glanced at Kyrianna.

Kyrianna nodded slowly. “I’m sure we can manage.”

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