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da nuts
- Rich Kisielewski

A Harry Mickey Shorts Mystery

Harry  Mickey Shorts, street wise private detective, gets a call from Max who  just happens to be his favorite as well as his only son. Max doesn’t ask  his dad for much but he and his buddies are in need of Harry’s help.  Without a thought, Harry drops what he is doing and races off to help  his son and his friends.

Max informs Harry he would like him to investigate the untimely events  that prohibited Clint, their current cult hero, from participating in a  first ever poker tournament. Clint had played over a quarter of a  million hands of poker by the time he had reached his eighteenth  birthday and, as evidenced by the size of his bank account, he had won a  lot more of those hands than he had lost. All of that meant nothing  when he turned up unconscious in his hotel room on the morning of the  first day of the inaugural “Under 18 World Championship of Poker”  tournament.

During his investigation, Harry uses his expertise that sets him apart  from other private investigators and goes undercover to explore the  world of internet poker. The twist with this version is only kids  between the ages of sixteen and eighteen can participate and all  winnings may only be paid to higher institutions of learning for the  kid’s college education. Once he uncovers the wrong-doings of the  unscrupulous masterminds behind this scheme he partners with his  benefactor M. Randle Trundle, a New York business tycoon, to set things  right and preserve the previously dashed hopes of the winning poker  teenagers. Harry’s renewed part-time interest in his ex-wife and his  love for and continued attempt to become part of his two children’s  lives complicates his own life but remains paramount in Harry’s  thinking.


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Chapter 1

Eighteen  years old. A mere eighteen years old. Impossible to believe, but he had  played over a quarter of a million hands of poker by the time he had  reached his eighteenth birthday. Evidenced by the size of his bank  account, he had won a lot more of those hands than he had lost. All of  that meant nothing when he turned up unconscious in his hotel room on  the morning of the first day of the “Under 18 World Championship of  Poker” tournament.

~ * ~

Maybe  I should jump back a few steps and let you in on what’s going on here.  My name is Harry, because I’m told an aunt promised to lay some bread on  me if my mom named me Harold. I don’t believe it one little bit because  I didn’t see a single dime and, to my knowledge, neither did my moms.

Oh  yeah, it’s Harry, or should I say Harold Mickey Shorts, which wasn’t my  given name when I was ushered into this wonderful world of ours. My  original name didn’t cut it in my eyes and the Mick, Mr. Mantle, is my  all-time favorite ballplayer. Plus, my original last name was way too  long. Wearing tee shirts and shorts is how the Big Guy upstairs intended  us to dress, so that’s how I came up with my new and improved  name—“Shorts”—which just happens to be a great conversation topic for  the ladies.

By  trade, I guess you would call me a private investigator, but I’m not  your ordinary run-of-the-mill, every day private dick. Kizmet  Incorporated is what my card would say, if I had one. Max, my son,  called Kizmet Incorporated and asked if he could hire a cracker-jack  private investigator, if they had one. He’s a funny kid sometimes and he  needed my help. When I’m asked for help, you best jump back, because  I’m coming through to do anything in my power to mend what needs  mending.

And so the story begins…

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