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Write What You Care About -- Passionately!

Winter Emergence
- Dana Bell

Kat  has lived in the mountain her entire life. Going outside is allowed  only to a select few, many of which never return, including her brother  Ned. She doesn’t want to believe he might be dead and tries every night  to contact him via the coms. Silence is the only response.

Desperate  to find an answer to his disappearance, Kat steals a snow cat and  searches for her brother, putting the safety of everyone in jeopardy.  She’s joined by a cat who, for some reason, wants to come with her, and  leaves once they reach the city, leaving her alone to face unknown  challenges and threats for which she’s not prepared.

In  the city Word Warrior faces a new threat. A Striped One stalks the  cats, wolves and snow ghosts killing any unfortunate enough to be caught  as if they are rightful prey! He must find a way to stop the predator  or all he has worked to accomplish might fail, forcing them to revert to  the old laws of challenge and mate.

A  new female appears bringing news of two legs, an enemy they all feared,  who lived in a strange world where she had been forced to stay until  she managed to escape. In fact, one was in the city and close by.

Faced  with multiple threats, including worse snowstorms, Word Warrior faces  the responsibility to protect their community from all dangers, knowing  if he fails - they could all die.


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Mute  thought long and hard about what he wanted to communicate and decided a  simple message was best. The words appeared on the screen and he sat  back proudly.

Hello? Is Anyone There?

Satisfied it was what he wanted to say, he hit Send. Now all he had to do was wait.

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