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Seasons of Fantasy and Fear

- a Den of Quills Anthology


Come for the Season
Stay for the year.

From Spring - the season of rebirth and renewal, to Winter - the season of death and burial.

These stories will carry the reader through a spectrum of emotions as full and ever changing as the seasons.

Seasons of Fantasy and Fear collects the stories from the Den of Quills seasons anthologies, plus a few new ones.

So enter in to visit for a season. You'll find yourself staying for the year.

Trade Paper Back

Retail price $19.95

WolfSinger price $16.00


Retail price $9.95

(Trade Paperback)


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(Multiple eBook formats)


Authors appearing in
Seasons of Fantasy and Fear

Michael Baker, Kimberly Bea, LR Broberg-Moffitt, Anthony D Far, Carol Hightshoe, Benjamin Hill, Kasey Hil, Christine McIntosh, Frank Montellano, Derek Stedman,

Kelley Thibodeau, Cheryl Toner, Natalie Vorare and Max Xavier

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