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Lightships & Sabers

- edited by J.A. Campbell and Rebecca McFarland Kyle

Women are born to handle crisis: from the routine tasks of running a household to commanding a starship. Lightships and Sabers features the stories of sixteen unique women facing extraordinary odds.  

An inconvenient princess is appointed Governor of an unruly planet after everyone holding the office before her are killed.  

One of the few fertile human women left is not allowed to pilot a war machine, but she takes matters into her own hands when her brother is kidnapped.  

A notorious female spaceship captain is charged to rescue a Baroness from an abusive marriage, but not all is as it appears.  

Read these as well as the tales of thirteen other lucky (or not) women in Lightships & Sabers.

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Goes out of Print June 2021


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Authors appearing in
Lightships & Sabers:


Jim Reader, Sarah Greenberg, Isidore Nettleship, Jim Kyle, Carol Hightshoe, R. Joseph Maas, CR Asay, Jordan Legg,

Holly Schofield, Rie Sheridan Rose, Ted Pennella, Sylvia Kelso, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Doug Sanburn, David B. Riley,

and James Van Pelt

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