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Submission Status - Midnight Menagerie


Authors you can check on the status of your submission here. Stories are listed by date received - the title's initials and the author's initials. (For example: a story received on 2/10/21 titled The Dragons of Winter by Carol Hightshoe would be listed under 2/10/21 as TDoW - CH)


My apologies for the length of time it can take - please remember WolfSinger Publications is a one woman operation and I do also have a day job.


If you do not see your submission on this list and it was sent prior to the update listed - please send an email.


Please note I may not respond to submissions that failed to follow the submission guidelines. While I may be a little forgiving on file format - I do not respond to queries - I ask for the completed manuscript in the guidelines.


Submission guidelines for Midnight Menagerie can be found here.

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