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Necromantic Shenanigans

- J.A. Campbell & Rebecca McFarland Kyle

From building Towers of Solitude in Colorado’s mountains to freeing a bestiary held captive by a demon-possessed Scottish Laird, Elise and Hagatha Macrow are on the case.  

Necromantic Shenanigans is a lucky combination of thirteen stories detailing the escapades of two necromancers, who fight crime and normalcy without ever donning a cape.

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Welcome to the Neutral and Boring Zone

(which is how we like it)

Tucked away in the mountains where only the most adventuresome (and perhaps mad) people are brave enough to tread, there is a town called Neutral Zone and Boring. Official State records call the place “Neutral Zone.” Those few who see the name buried as it is amidst far larger cities and towns, suspect it is inhabited by science fiction fans or some other breed or latent crazies. No one knows why the incorporation papers were altered, perhaps some clerk got tired or typing, or they only had so many spaces on the computer form? The town clerk isn’t willing to correct the error. They figure the less outside attention they receive, the better off they are.

Of course, the town’s had other names. Originally, it was called after a geographical feature, then after a prominent settler, and finally after an agricultural product.

But that was before the Dark Ladies came.

First, Elise created her mountain fortress. The town speculated she was fleeing a jilted lover. With long raven hair and striking green eyes, and skin that defied her age, she certainly had the looks. Whatever the reason, she hadn’t felt the need to inform anyone.

Hagatha built hers shortly after. Though they were the same age, her hair had turned a striking white. She was a tall angular woman, more striking than Elise’s classic beauty. Elise had witnessed the magical accident that had precipitated that. She set up her fortress on the opposite side of the mountain valley. After she accidentally reanimated the town’s graveyard early in her stay, they speculated that she was running from an angry priest or mob. Because, of course, no one came to Neutral just because they wanted to.

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