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Out of the Darkness
- edited by Carol Hightshoe

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Mental Health issues have long been stigmatized, with those facing them pushed into the shadows, often unable to deal with the darkness they find themselves trapped in.


In this collection, stories explore many types of darkness – Suicidal Ideation, Death from Suicide, Survivor’s Guilt, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Depression, Death of a Loved One, Secrets, Bullying, and other forms of darkness are explored. Some related to mental health issues and some not, but all of them offer very human perspectives. As in real life, some stories have happy endings and sadly others don’t.


We offer these stories of darkness without judgement, but with hope and compassion. Some roads should never have to be traveled – but we understand that for many they are being traveled alone.


Proceeds from sales of Out of the Darkness will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – for more information on AFSP please visit their website at:


For those who may be in crisis - PLEASE call or text 988 to connect directly to the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. For those outside the US please connect with your local lifeline


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Authors appearing in
Out of the Darkness

Jennifer Lee Rossman, Steven Lente, db mcneill, Andrew Gates, Natasha Morningstarr, Stetson Ray, Demi Utley, Marianne Xenos, P. James Norris, Corinna Underwood, Justin Zipprich, LCW Allingham, HN Hunt, Leanbh Pearson, Gregory J. Wolos, Brian Rothstein, J.T. Seate, Lee Conrad, Malina Douglas, Katie Kent, and RF Thomas.

Proceeds from sales of Out of the Darkness are being donated to

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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