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It has been said that one should never meddle in the affairs of dragons—for you are crunchy and taste good with chocolate.

Come enter the dragon’s lair and roll the dice. Within these pages you will still meet some of the biggest, baddest predators ever—but if you are
lucky, you will also discover some that have a sweeter side.

Meet a dragon with a soft spot for hard luck cases and another who is a hopeless romantic.

Enjoy a musical battle between a dragon and the specter of one of the greatest guitarists to ever play.

Meet a dragon in trouble with other magical creatures because he enjoys hanging out with human children.

Join a mother and daughter and their teams of dragons on a dangerous cross-country race.

Reconnect with an imaginary friend – who is not so imaginary and escape the isolation of the pandemic.

And more…

So enter in BUT tread carefully—remember you are crunchy and taste good with chocolate.

Featuring stories by:

Beth W. Patterson, Miriam Thor, Joyce Frohn, Cara Brezina. Allison Rott, Rose Strickman, Mary Jo Rabe, Gustasp Irani, Birgit K. Gaiser, Gwen C. Katz, Gerri Leen, Austin Roberts, Annie Percik, L.H. Davis III, Gregg Chamberlain, Barbara G. Tarn, Sally Jo, Fred Phillips, Mabel Ginest, Karen G. McCullough, Mark Bruce, Claire Davon, Kevin David Anderson, S.H. Mansouri, Samuel Poots, Ken Goldman, Jean Martin

Crunchy with Chocolate (ePub)

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