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In the second installment of the Blind Eye series, billionaire heiress Mattie Tyler is abducted by a team of mercenaries sent to avenge the death of their leader, whom Mattie shot while defending herself and her family in the southwest Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Crippled by a recent gunshot wound and unable to defend herself, Mattie helplessly watches the killers destroy her family home, then target her closest friends.

As the trail of death and destruction grows, Mattie’s husband, Jeremiah “Black Bear” Tyler, must rely on his experience as a covert operative to recruit questionable allies in order to save her. But in a shocking twist of fate he finds himself the prime target of law enforcement when circumstantial evidence convinces investigators he is after Mattie’s family wealth.

Eye for Eye (pdf)

SKU: 2016-12 (e2)
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