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Major Larry Henry had never expected to hear those words spoken by an alien race. Let alone one with sharp claws and fangs they used for hunting and could easily shred him, his youngest sister and her boyfriend to shreds! But when his other sister Susanna and their good friend Kal Devon disappeared from their colony, Larry and the rescue party made the astonishing discovery they weren’t alone on Galilahi.

Yet Kal had hinted there were secrets being kept from the colonists. Both his friend’s sister and Susanna’s husband had been killed in hover accidents. The civilian and military leaders made a show of agreeing in public while Larry knew about the conflicts between them. Susanna had made discoveries about the dark fates of earlier colonies. Not to mention a jump in technology which should have taken centuries of evolution not just a few decades.

Now stranded on Galilahi with no way to relocate or return to Earth, Larry found himself wondering if the human colonists could co-exist with the feline natives or if human history would repeat itself.

Or did the God Larry believed in and trusted, have another plan none of them knew about?

God's Gift (ePub)

SKU: 2014-02 (e1)
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