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Magical curses. Arcane revenge. Being transformed into a frog. Things evil witches do to mere mortals who cross their path. But, what if there is more to the story…

Deals made with a witch are magically binding and can bring dire consequences to those who even think about breaking them.

Whether they are seeking revenge for wrongs done to them, helping others or simply trying to live their lives—it is NEVER wise to try and cheat a witch.

Open your spell book and join our authors as they relate tales of witches and mortals. From classic fantasy witches to modern day witches and even the legendary Baba Yaga. Good and Evil as well as every shade of gray in between. And, yes—there is a prince who is turned into a frog.

Featuring stories from: Bailey Finn, Brian MacDonald, Christopher Wortley, Clark Sodersten, Danielle Mikals, Dominick Cancilla, Elle Hartford, Frank Montellano, Harriet Phoenix, Ian Kitley, J. L. Royce, Jean Martin, Jodi Rizzotto, Joyce Frohn, Lea Storry, Louise Zedda-Sampson, M. A. Lang, Mirabelle Poppy, Ray Daley, Rose Strickman, Sandra Unerman, T.W. Kirchner, Tyree Campbell, and Wendy Harrison

Never Cheat a Witch

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