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Space Brides LLC



Tired of those lonely dark nights? No one in your settlement suitable? We are here to help! We will help you find the bride or husband to keep you company, raise your children, and be your partner building a dream together. Contact us directly and give us your specifications. Success guaranteed.


In this collection of 15 testimonials read about the challenges and triumphs of some of our clients as they found love on the frontier of space.


From aliens to vampires, we brought these couples together and together they found acceptance and love – each in their own way.


A man with three kids finds an unexpected match in the brother of the woman he had contracted to marry when she runs away.


A woman running away from an abusive marriage finds acceptance and respect with a colony group that marries everyone to everyone in order to ensure they know they belong to a family.


A woman constantly rejected because of her skin color and origins finds acceptance and love with a wounded soldier.


Even though we encourage absolute honesty in your profile and correspondence with your potential spouse—many people don’t. However, like some of the testimonials you’ll read here; they still manage to expand their horizons—together.


Contact or walk into any of our offices 24/7. We are here to help you find that special someone and start a new future!


Other conditions apply. Please ask for more information before contract is drawn up and signed.

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