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As Helen Durkin’s journey to find out about herself continues, she finally realizes that she needs the help of someone with more knowledge than dwarves, elves, or even dragons. But, just how do you approach the old Wizard Andsell Phagan?

As she tries to solve that problem, yet another dangerous situation presents itself. This mysterious person is not friend of the Phagan family. Helen quickly finds herself on a collision course with a halfling who most refer to as Scar—one who dabbles in the dark side of magic.

With this added pressure, the eddort to approach and perhaps train under Andsell Phagan intensifies, As time progresses, an old friend comes to her aid. Now, the race is on and the old Dragon Pragamore takes the lead in Helen’s plight.

Will Helen finally find out why the Faes are calling her Bright Helen?
Wat of Pragamore? Will his years keep him from helping?
And, who is Scar really after—Helen, the old wizard, or Pragamore?

The Dark See (ePub)

$4.95 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
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